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A Brilliant Way To Tell The Difference Between Acrylic & Gel Nails

Which nails are better acrylic or gel?

Finding the ideal manicure is hard. It’s often a trial and error process that requires lots of patience and a lot of money.

Everyone has their own set of preferences, but there are two types that tend to be more common: acrylic nails and gel nails (sometimes referred to as silk or fiberglass).

They’re very similar in many ways, but each type has its own set of strengths and weaknesses.

The real matter for debate is when it comes to which one is better: acrylic nails or gel nails?

If you’re thinking of getting both or switching back and forth, you’ve come to the right place!

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Which Nails Are Better Acrylic or Gel?

Acrylic nails, also known as fake nails or nail tips, are a type of nail enhancement that is made from synthetic resin.

They are sculpted on top of the natural nails and covered with a clear coating to protect them from damage.

Gel nails are similar to acrylic nails, but they use light-cured UV lamps instead of chemicals to harden the material.

Both types of artificial nail can be applied at home or in professional salons.

The main difference between gel and acrylic is that gel lasts longer and does not yellow as much as acrylics do.

Acrylics are more brittle than gels, so they’re easier to break or chip when you wear them daily while gel polish doesn’t chip as easily because it’s thicker than regular polish, meaning it doesn’t scratch off so easily when you’re doing everyday tasks like typing on your phone or opening a door handle.

The Pros of Acrylic Nails

Longer Lasting: Acrylic nails can last up to two weeks or more before they need to be reapplied. This is a big advantage over gel nails, which must be removed after 14 days with gel polish remover.

More Durable: Acrylic nails are stronger than gel or regular nail polish and will not chip or crack as easily as other options.

A Variety of Designs Available: You can choose from many different shapes and designs when getting acrylics for your fingers or toes, including square tips, round tips and almond shaped nails on both fingers and toes.

The Cons of Acrylic Nails

Painful Application Process: Although the process is not painful for everyone, some people find having their nails filled with acrylic uncomfortable due to the pressure applied by the technician during application of the acrylic material onto your natural nail bed in order to form them into their desired shape.

Difficult Removal Process: To remove acrylic nails at home, you must soak them in acetone based liquid remover for about 15 minutes before peeling them off one by

How Long Do Gel Nails Last?

Gel nails will last for about two weeks or more if you take good care of them.

But they may not look good after that time period because they start to chip and break down.

The chips can lead to a discoloured nail bed underneath the polish, so you may want to remove your gel polish when it starts chipping too much or if the color has faded too much for your liking.

However, if your nails are healthy and hydrated before applying a coat of gel polish, then you should be able to get more than two weeks out of it before needing to reapply a new coat.

Are Acrylics More Damaging Than Gel?

Many people are concerned that acrylic nails are more damaging than gel nails. This is because acrylics are applied using formaldehyde, a substance that can cause respiratory problems when inhaled in large amounts.

Gel nails, on the other hand, don’t use any chemicals during application or removal and are therefore considered to be safer.

However, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. In fact, both gel and acrylic nails should be safe if they’re applied correctly by a qualified nail technician.

How Safe Is It?

Both gel and acrylic nail products have been approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) as safe for use on consumers.

However, there have been concerns over the safety of formaldehyde in some nail products.

Formaldehyde has been used as an antiseptic and disinfectant for more than 100 years but its commercial use was banned in 1972 due to health concerns over its toxicity when inhaled over long periods of time.

the ban was lifted in 2004 after manufacturers agreed to reduce its levels in nail products so that there was no risk of overexposure from these materials during use or removal from skin surfaces.

It’s also worth noting that gel nails do not contain any formaldehyde at all as it’s not part of their formula.

What Lasts Longer Gel or Acrylic?

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails usually only last about a week or slightly longer if you take care of them well. They can start to look very thick after a while, which is not always attractive, but they are great if you want your nails to grow out quickly.

You can also easily remove them yourself at home without having to go back to the salon every week like with gels.

Gel Nails

Gel nails are more expensive than acrylics, but they last much longer- up to 14 days without any chipping!

This makes them perfect for people who want their nails to look perfect all the time.

Gel polish is also much less damaging than acrylic because it doesn’t have chemicals that can irritate your nail bed and cuticles as much as acrylic does.

What Type of Fake Nails Are Healthiest?

When it comes to fake nails, there are a lot of options.

Some are better than others for your health and safety;

Acrylic Nails: Acrylic nails are made from a liquid plastic that hardens when exposed to an ultraviolet light. They can be quite thick and bulky, and they can chip easily. Acrylic nail polish is not recommended because it contains chemicals that can cause allergic reactions if applied incorrectly.

Gel Nails: Gel nails are similar to acrylics but use a different type of gel to create the look. They can last up to two weeks without chipping or peeling and don’t contain any harmful chemicals like acrylics do.

Silk Wraps: Silk wraps are thin layers of silk fabric that adhere directly to your nail using adhesive strips or glue. They’re also called silk wraps because they look like they’re wrapped around your fingers when worn properly, as opposed to covering them completely like other types of artificial nails do. Although silk wraps are easier to apply than other types of artificial fingernails, they’re difficult to remove since you have to soak them off instead of just peeling them off like you would with regular nail polish

Is Gel or Acrylic Worse for Your Nails?

Acrylics and gels are both very durable manicures, but they are also very different.

The main difference is that acrylics are made with a liquid monomer that is applied to natural nails, then hardened with either UV light or air.

Gels, on the other hand, are made out of a polymer that is applied to natural nails and cured in a special lamp.

Both acrylics and gels can be used to create beautiful nail art designs, but they have their drawbacks as well. Acrylics tend to be more brittle than gel nails, which can lead to breakage if you do not take proper care of them.

Gel nails tend to last longer than acrylic nails due to their flexible nature, but they are not as strong as acrylics and can still chip easily if you’re not careful with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between acrylic and gel nails?

Acrylic and gel nails are both artificial nails that are applied on the finger and toe nails with a UV light. Acrylic is made from liquid monomer, while gel is made from polymerized monomer. The main difference between them is that acrylic nails have a thin layer of plastic over the natural nail, while gel nails have no plastic or acrylic on top of your own nail.

How long do acrylic or gel nails last?

The life span of acrylic or gel nails depends on how well you take care of them. If you take good care by following the nail technician’s instructions, they can last up to 14 days. However, if you don’t take good care of them, they can break off as early as seven days after application.

Can I remove my own acrylic or gel nails at home?

No! You should never try to remove your own acrylic or gel nails at home because they will damage your natural nail bed and may cause permanent damage to your real nail growth.

What is a gel overlay?

Gel overlays are similar to acrylic nails, but they use a different type of product. Gels are applied over the entire nail and give it a shiny, glossy look. You can get them in any color, and they can last up to two weeks.

Can you wear gel overlays with acrylic nails?

Yes. If you already have acrylics, you can add gel overlays over them for an even longer manicure that will last up to two weeks.


If you’re looking to create a nail extension of any kind, then we would definitely recommend considering acrylic nails.

Acrylic is much much easier to apply and remove, at least in most situations.

Gel nails can be difficult because they are harder and less flexible.

If you choose to go with acrylic nails, just make sure that you don’t pick the usual white colored ones – it’s become very common nowadays to choose some pretty ostentatious color.

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