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Do Acrylic Nails Hurt? This Is a Question That’s Very Common in the Nails Industry.

Do acrylic nails hurt?

Acrylics are a very popular option for women who want to maintain long, strong nails. This type of nails have been considered as the most effective way to protect your hands.

But there is also a common misconception that acrylics ruin your nails.

In this quick read post you will learn if acrylics actually do ruin your nail bed and how you can get stronger nails from acrylics.

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Does Getting Acrylic Nails Hurt ?

The short answer is yes, getting acrylic nails can hurt.

However, it’s a relatively quick and painless process that most people don’t even consider to be painful. If you go to a reputable nail salon, they should be able to numb your fingers before you get started.

The most common problem with acrylic nails is lifting.

This occurs when the tips become loose from their bed, causing them to lift up at the sides and start chipping away at the edges.

In most cases this can be fixed by filing down the lifted area of your nail and simply reapplying more acrylic on top.

If your nails are starting to lift or chip more frequently than normal then it may be that you need to get your hands in some warm water for a few minutes before applying them again.

Why Do Acrylic Nails Hurt the First Day ?

This is because they don’t know what to expect and they’re not used to having their cuticles pushed back. But once you’ve had your first set of acrylics, you’ll be an expert at dealing with the pain and discomfort that comes with it.

For most people, the first time they get acrylic nails applied is quite painful.

Acrylic nails are one of the most common types of artificial nails. They are made from a combination of acrylic resin and polymer powder.

Acrylic nails can be shaped into any desired nail shape and there are many different ways to apply them.

Here are some reasons why your acrylic nails may hurt:

  • The nail technician didn’t push back your cuticles properly before applying the acrylics
  • The nail technician didn’t file down any rough edges or sharp points on your natural nails before applying the acrylics
  • You have dry skin around your cuticles which needs moisturizing
  • Your natural nails are weak and prone to breaking easily due to poor nutrition or overuse of nail polish removers

It’s also important to note that if you have thin or weak nails and they aren’t used to being exposed, they might break.

So try and keep them moisturized after getting them done!

Do Acrylic Nails Hurt to Take Off ?

Acrylic nails are completely safe to remove at home and can be removed with the same products that you used to apply them.

The most common way to remove acrylics is with a nail polish remover and cotton balls.

This method is quick and easy, but it does not always work.

If the glue has been on for a long time, or if you have thick layers of acrylic on your nails, you may need to take them off in the salon.

To remove your acrylic nails at home, check out this article How to Remove Acrylic Nails At Home – 4 Tips & Tricks

How to Stop Acrylic Nails From Hurting?

It’s common for a client to feel some discomfort when getting acrylic nails for the first time.

The reason is that you are removing natural nail and replacing it with an artificial product.

The first day of having acrylic nails can be quite painful.

There are things that you can do to help ease this pain;

Prepare Your Nails

If you have not had acrylic nails before, then it’s important that your nails are prepared properly before getting them done.

If you have already had acrylic nails before, then you should have no problem preparing your own nails again. Here are some tips on how to prepare your nails:

File Your Nails Before Getting Them Done

It is important that your nails are filed down before getting them done because filing them will prevent any possible damage during the process of applying the acrylics.

This will also help make sure that there are no rough edges or jagged spots on your nails, which can cause discomfort when getting acrylics applied.

Cut Your Cuticles Properly

It is also important that your cuticles are cut properly before getting acrylics done because they can sometimes get caught in between while applying the product on top of them and cause discomfort

Apply cuticle oil daily (not just before bed)

Cuticle oil is essential to keeping your cuticles healthy and strong. It helps keep moisture in their tissues during the day when they’re exposed to water and soap, which also helps prevent infections in this area of the body.

Just make sure that you don’t use too much- if you apply too much oil, it will seep into the nail plate and cause yellowing over time (especially if you’re using gel polishes).

We highly recommend applying cuticle oil at least once a day -but preferably twice.

This is so that you can keep up with how dry or oily your nails feel throughout the day (this will vary depending on how often you get acrylic nails.

How Long Will My Nails Hurt After Getting Acrylics?

If you’re one of the lucky ones who don’t feel any pain at all, then good for you!

For the rest of us, it can be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks before we can see the full effect of our new nails.

The amount of time it takes before they stop hurting depends on how thick they are and how much they were filed down during application.

The thicker they are, the longer it takes for your natural nails to grow out and cover them up.

If they were filed down too much during application, then it could take even longer because there’s less room for your nail bed to expand when it grows out.

How to Ease The Pain After apply Acrylic Nails?

Everyone’s pain tolerance is different, but here are some tips to help you get through the next week or so:

1. Buy a bottle of vitamin E oil and rub some on your nail beds every day. It will help with the dryness and soreness.

2. If you can’t stand the pain and need to remove the acrylics, I suggest going to a salon that uses liquid nails (or other brand) as opposed to shellac or other soak-off gels. Shellac and soak-off gels take longer to dry and therefore cause more discomfort during removal than liquid nails does.

3. Try to keep your hands out of water as much as possible while they’re healing (for example, don’t wash the dishes).

This helps prevent any bacteria from getting into your nails or causing an infection in case there’s any damage done during application or removal.

4. Wear gloves when you’re doing chores around the house like washing dishes or cleaning bathrooms/kitchens (etc). This is NOT something that should be done with bare hands

Frequently asked Questions about Do Acrylic Nails Hurt?

Do acrylic nails hurt?

It depends on the person. Some people find it quite painful, while others don’t feel a thing. You may also be asked to choose whether you want your acrylics to be hard or soft.

How long does it take for an acrylic nail to grow out?

It depends on how quickly your nails grow. Most people can have their nails removed and reapplied every two weeks without any problem, but some people prefer longer intervals between appointments – usually up to four weeks, depending on how fast their nails grow.

How long does it take for acrylic nails to dry?

The drying time of acrylic nails depends on the thickness of your nail. Usually after 10 minutes. If you want to increase the longevity of your nail, then you should choose a thicker option. The thicker the acrylic nail, the longer it will take for it to dry.

What causes acrylic nails pain?

Acrylic nails can cause pain when they are applied on your own nails because they do not allow air flow inside the nail bed. The moisture in your skin cannot pass through this layer and cause irritation around your fingernails or toenails.

Can I have acrylic nails and gel manicure at the same time?

Yes, you can have both at the same time but you have to be careful while applying the acrylic nails. The gel polish should be applied after the acrylic has been cured completely.

How much do acrylic nails cost?

A full set of acrylics takes about an hour to apply and costs around £30-£50, but this may vary depending on where you go and what style you choose.


Unless the nail tech is very, very good (and fast), expect it to hurt a little.

And no, it doesn’t matter how big or small your nails are.

If you want gorgeous acrylic nails, get them done professionally. Do not try and do them yourself!

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